Functional Neurological Disorder Awareness Week – FREE Mixed Media Class!!!


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Hello all!  As you probably know by now (or can easily find out checking out my posts regarding health) I have been diagnosed with a Functional Movement Disorder, one of the conditions that fall under the umbrella of Functional Neurological Disorders.

To help spread the word I am going to be offering a FREE Mixed Media class to anyone who checks out my Functional Movement Disorder classroom page.

In addition, I will be AUCTIONING off the canvas I made during the class to help raise funds for research and publicity aimed at helping increase knowledge and awareness regarding this frustrating disorder.


This is a gallery wrapped canvas, 10×10 inches, 1 inch deep.  It features an orange and deep blue background with a cone flower made from book pages as a focal point.  The inspirational message is hope, and can be found in the knowledge that this year’s flowers will create seeds for next years plants. and the musical notes in the sentiment remind us that hope can be found in the combination of tones and sounds to create a beautiful noise.  No matter where you look, hope is all around – sometimes you just have to look a little deeper!

So how do you participate in this auction?  That is easy – just simply leave a comment with your bid below!  The highest bidder at 8pm EST on April 19th will be the lucky winner of the auction!  Please note – the actual cost of shipping will be added to the final auction price.  All proceeds from the auction will be donated to, a non-profit advocacy entity created to help those diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorders.

*All Bids in US Dollars*

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Feel free to re-blog, spread the word and encourage your family and friends to learn more about this devastating condition.



A Somber Day Filled With Such Beauty


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Today is a momentous day.  The day of my savior’s great sacrifice.  Good Friday, the day when our Christ was crucified.  He was betrayed by those he came to save, was punished for sins he did not commit and willingly went to the cross to be sacrificed for us sinners.

This print, and more, are available in my Etsy store.

On this somber day I encourage you to contemplate the love that God has shown to us all.  His willingness to send his own son to pay the price for wrongs he never committed.  We are all living in the shadow of the cross, but if it were not for the light of Christ no shadow would be cast.  We need to go to the cross to arrive at the joyous resurrection of Christ Jesus.

Wishing you a blessed Easter,





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So, I missed yesterday – so sorry my friends, but it was well worth it!!!  I have offered to help my son’s track coach keep an eye on the LARGE group of kids who have signed up for Middle School track.  It has kept me busy (when you add that to the quilt top that I just finished yesterday) and running.

Wait…  What??  Running??  Who is running?  That would be ME!!!  I didn’t go far, and I didn’t go fast but the real triumph is I did run!  A few months ago I sat on the sidelines and watched my friends walk the track.  I considered joining them but I knew that I would not be able to keep up, move my feet fast enough to keep pace, keep my legs from freezing, and manage uneven ground.

Last night I was able to jog half a lap!  I felt like my legs were going to die.  They were rubbery, loose and felt like over stretched rubber bands, but the important thing is they KEPT GOING!  My legs did not freeze, I kept a steady pace, there were no hitches and even when the ground was a little uneven it didn’t phase me!

It is amazing, going from being on the sidelines, using a walker to get around to RUNNING!  I didn’t realize how much I had given up on myself and my body, I am a little ashamed I let my lack of mobility affect me so much.  However, I learned that I can come back, I am capable!  I am ABLE, and more importantly – I have HOPE.

This is what I needed to keep motivating myself in managing my Functional Movement Disorder.  I’d like to help others find that hope, so I am offering this not so subtle reminder to enter your bid for this beautiful canvas.


Well Folks, gotta run!!!



Starting Another Project


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After spending the day splitting wood (yep – me, the one with the movement disorder swinging a 10lb splitting maul like Paul Bunyan!), boiling maple sap, filtering maple syrup and filling sticky bottles I felt it was time to move on to something a little easier.  (And it is supposed to snow the next 2 days – again….  Not going to be outside then!)

I have a couple friends who are expecting and I found this adorable fabric that I just HAD to buy


I thought it would make an adorable quilt and I’ve had an urge to make another quilt.  What better reason than new little bundles of joy!  (Or, if their like my kids when they were babies – new little bundles of colic.)  I wanted to do a 9 patch, but I wanted something a little more interesting than your traditional 9 patch so looking on the interwebs I found this neat disappearing 9 patch pattern..

It looks very complicated and tedious with all the piecing but in reality it is a very easy block to create.  Layanna Jean has a wonderfully written tutorial on her blog teaching you step by step how to create this beautiful quilt top.

Here are the first two blocks that I have made.  I’m not completely sure how many blocks I’ll need but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.  Otherwise it will be a very small couple of mini quilts, LOL.


Thank you Layanna for turning me on to this beautiful, yet simple block.




Functional Movement Disorder – Success Stories!


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If you have been reading about Functional Movement Disorder you may find yourself overwhelmed at the impact it can have on someone’s life.  And I would be the first to tell you that YES!  The impact is HUGE but not insurmountable.  Many patients can, and do, get back to their ‘normal’ lives.

I was able to go from unable to walk without the aid of a walker, and after therapy and treatment I was able to get back involved in my life.  I can go out and walk with my family, bike and I have given myself the goal of teaching myself how to run once again.

But rest assured, I am not the ONLY one who has found success through treatment, and I’d LOVE to share some of the most amazing stories that have been shared with me.

This is Tiffany, and she had not been able to stand in 5 months.  From being immobile she has been able to regain her ability to walk.  Way to go Tiffany!!!  I know how wonderful a feeling this is!


And how about Leoni?  She had been confined to a wheelchair for 16 months – now look at her go!

These are just two examples of people facing the potential of life confined to such limited mobility and finding the courage and determination to take their lives back.  By helping bring awareness to Functional Movement Disorders and assisting us to raise funds to further research this disorder allowing even more people the opportunity to escape the bounds of immobility and live the lives we take for granted.

And now for one last plug, don’t forget to place your bid on this canvas and share the information about this disorder with your friends and family.



Functional Movement Disorder Week – What Helps Me?


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So, when I was diagnosed with a Functional Movement Disorder I went through a treatment program at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and found some things that are really helpful for me.


I’ve found a few poses that are truly helpful.  The pigeon pose is one of them.  It helps relieve the stress in my lower back and provides a gentle stretch to the piriformis muscle.  Other poses that really help are the Warrior Progression and Sun Salutations.  Not only is the stretch a great benefit for me, I feel energized and relaxed all at the same time when I finish.

2)Sunshine and Laughter


Getting out and getting moving is a very uplifting experience.  Spending time with those you love, not taking yourself too seriously and making time to laugh all help me relax and feel more like myself.

3) Sleep

I know I need my sleep, and I no longer put it off to ‘get things done’.  If I get a good night’s sleep I am much more read to attack the world the next day.

4) Art


I don’t feel like I am crafty, it is more like a drive to create.  I need to do something to get the feelings out of my rambling head.  Combining what I have in front of me and what I have running through my mind is something that helps me handle both the highs and the lows of what I am experiencing.

5) Cleaning

I don’t enjoy cleaning.  As a matter of fact, I kind of loathe it BUT…  waking up in the morning and walking into a living room that is neat and tidy, or a kitchen where you can make a cup of coffee without moving dishes around makes life easier.  Not only does it look better, I feel better when I am not surrounded by the clutter and chaos.

So, there you have it.  A short list of the things that help me the most in feeling my best!

Don’t forget to bid on the FND Hope canvas auction and check out the classroom page where you can take a FREE class and make one of your own!



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